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“Nothing makes me happier than to tell an owner that his beloved senior dog will be taken care of in a loving home for the rest of its days. A dog whose owner has to go into a nursing home or worse, passes away, is often without a home. If the dog is a senior, there is little hope for adoption from a shelter. My mission is to offer a home to these seniors as well as to special-needs dogs (such as Layla, a Boxer who had liver-shunt) and hospice dogs (such as Molly, a blonde Labrador Retriever who was in her last days due to diabetes). If you have a heart for seniors and “underdogs,” you know how happy I am when I wake up each day at Dot’s Old Dogs Home!”

– Dot Terry

Dot's Old Dogs Home is the residential arm of Little Big Dog Rescue, Inc. Little Big Dog Rescue offers hope for dogs who are most likely to be euthanized in shelters: senior dogs whose owners have passed away or have been placed in a nursing home, and hospice dogs. These seniors enjoy love and family living at Dot's Old Dogs Home for the rest of their lives.

Running a senior and special needs retirement home for these dogs can be exhausting and expensive.  Between food, supplies, diapers, flea & tick treatments, shampoos, and fencing, it's A LOT and that's not even including the vet visits, medications, and countless surgeries! Dot Terry is one of those special animal advocates, who puts everything she has into helping these animals. Please consider donating to Dot's Old Dog Home today!

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