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1 week ago
Photos from Little Big Dog Rescue's post

Three lovelies coming into our rescue today, this took about two years. First order of business for all three: neuter!

1 week ago
Photos from Little Big Dog Rescue's post

Thank you, Gigi, for the beautiful dog bed you donated to Little Big Dog Rescue.
Eric loves his new bed and cooling pad. Hudu and Millie love it too.

2 weeks ago

UPDATE Deceased. Sadly, may have drowned in the torrential downpour, the dog's body has possibly been seen in the Shenandoah River, the river was behind the property where the dog went missing. If ... See more

3 weeks ago
Humane Society of Pocahontas County

A sweet female dog was found Tuesday morning on Dry Branch Road in Pocahontas County. She has no collar or identification. She will be waiting at the Shelter in Marlinton for her family to identify ... See more

3 weeks ago
2nd Chance Paws

Please share this!
I hear people complain about adoption fees all the time, even when they are really low. If you can't afford an adoption fee, you can't afford to have a pet. Period. Most rescues ... See more

1 month ago

For those interested in temperatures of outdoor dog housing, I will share my exploration here. Throughout the summer, I will take comparable readings of dog houses that I have set up around my home: ... See more

1 month ago
All Fur Animals Rescue, Inc

Check out EMMA's Bi-Color right eye. Yes. Half of her eye is blue.
This makes our sweet girl even more special.
Emma is a 7-8 yr old Husky/ Sheperd mix.
She was abused, neglected, starved and then ... See more

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